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Charlie Goode

Coming from a Sports Science background, Nutrition was a natural progression when I wanted to learn how to keep pushing performance boundaries. I have a wealth of experience in elite level sports, football, rugby and now Crossfit and I work with high level competitors in various disciplines.

I have found that through nutrition and smarter training I am currently in better shape now at 40 than I was in my 20s. I apply this knowledge to a stable of regionals level Crossfit athletes to help them unlock their performance potential. I work with every day members at the CrossFit gym I own in the UK helping them reach their fitness and body composition goals. I specialise in Sports Nutrition but also coach non-athletes and those looking for health improvements. I spent 16 years working in the police as a front line officer so I understand the needs of those in high stress jobs and shift workers. 

My coaching style is very personal. You can expect genuine care and communication from me through every step of your journey.

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